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Ideas in Waves

HAVEN is a creative hub. Which means it’s a one-stop destination for idea-generation where resources are custom matched and blended uniquely for the needs and challenges of our clients. No fluff, no extra overhead — just way more ideas than any single-source agency can provide.

Fresh ideas from
the fresh coast

HAVEN, located on the shores of Grand Haven, Michigan, is home to an extremely powerful creative approach where talent from multiple backgrounds and perspectives are given a safe place to create unconventional ideas that are anything but safe.

We work with companies and organizations that want their advertising to work harder, go further, and achieve more. Our clients strive to strengthen and grow their brands because they know and understand the value of branding. They seek to connect their brands with their customers and stakeholders in ways that are both real and relevant in order to build unwavering and unstoppable momentum.

How we process things




Establish a singular strategic vision, unique, fact-based, relevant, and compelling.



Develop strategic direction, tactical and media plans.



Bring the brand to life through creative exploration and final articulation.



Produce creative and take it to market via media and other communication vehicles and platforms.



Evaluate and optimize program performance for the greatest impact.

Just Got More

A vision by Bill McKendry

After years of big agency and big brand seasoning followed by 20+ years of managing his own groundbreaking, multiple office shop, Bill has been dreaming of this place and this moment for years. The thought that’s been pulling at him is this… maybe the best way to create fresh, simple and compelling ideas is to have a fresh, simple and compelling structure. Sprinkle in a magnificent location and an impressive network of creative talent and resources – and what do you get? A place called HAVEN.

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